Palm vein based biometric securty access control device.
World's most advanced biometric security access control device.

What is BioAffix Gate Extreme?

BioAffix Gate Extreme is the most advanced security access control device in the BioAffix family.
BioAffix® Gate Extreme, just like the rest of BioAffix® product family, is produced in Turkey by Ones Technology.
ith the Quad-Core processor, SSD storage unit and large memory capacity BioAffix® Gate Extreme is the world’s fastest biometric identity verification device.
Integration interface allows ease of communication with databases, web services or Microsoft Active Directories (LDAP) of institutions and organizations
BioAffix® Gate Extreme ensures high security in difficult circumstances thanks to its amplified and impact resistant quality case.

Voiced Alerts

BioAffix® Gate Extreme has 2 x 1.5W speakers with high sound quality and multi-lingual sound infrastructure provides both visual and audible service in every environment.

170° Camera Angle

HD camera that has 170° vision angle records every moment of verification process.

7″ Touchscreen Display

Impact resistant and antireflective 7″ touchscreen provides ease of usage and mananagement.

Smart Card Support

Double frequency card reader gives a capacity for BioAffix® Gate Extreme to read almost all of the cards. With this way, you can use your corporate cards through BioAffix® Gate Extreme.

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