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Agent Vi’s market leading technological position is based on three main elements – its patented software architecture for distributed image processing, advanced computer vision algorithms and expertise in software development for large scale surveillance deployments.

At the core of Agent Vi’s technology is its unique and patented software architecture for distributed video analytics, called “Image Processing over IP networks” (IPoIP™). This unique architecture distributes the Video Analytics task between the edge device (an IP camera or encoder) and a server (which may be located on-premise or in the cloud). A light software component is embedded within the camera or encoder and performs a preliminary image processing task of “feature extraction” which requires only limited processing resources. The low-bandwidth “image features” extracted – and not the video itself – are streamed to the server, where the actual analysis and detection are performed. This unique architecture, which is based on streaming and processing the “image features” only, is ideal for low-bandwidth environments and allows the concurrent processing of image features from hundreds of cameras by a single server, without compromising on the quality or accuracy of the analysis.

Building on its patented software architecture, Agent Vi has developed high-performance computer vision algorithms which include advanced machine learning capabilities for real-time event detection, video search and business intelligence applications. These algorithms perform with high precision due to their ability to accurately separate and classify various targets and objects detected in the scene, so that people, vehicles and static objects are classified and events detected according to the user’s requirement. As a result, Agent Vi’s solutions feature high probability of detection and low false alarm rates, making them the ideal platform for users seeking a broad array of video analytics functionalities in the most challenging environments and in the most demanding situations.

Tying it all together is Agent Vi’s expertise in development of software for large scale installations, which enables smooth deployment and operation in real-life environments. Through thousands of deployments ranging from a few cameras to many thousands in a single installation, Agent Vi has perfected its solutions to allow high-availability and continuous high performance.

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